WP, renal transplant 1984

I had a renal transplant in July 1984 and it is now a way of life. When I had my first diagnosis of skin cancer, I wasn’t worried as I felt I was being well looked after. I don’t worry about future problems and keep a positive daily outlook. I don’t feel it has changed my daily routine.


My transplant and anti-rejection drugs have not affected my skin at all. I am not worried about future skin problems as I now take extra care of my skin.


I have just started getting warts and my skin is very dry. I have not had any skin cancers yet, but I do worry about future skin problems

JN, renal transplant 1983

I have had a renal transplant for many years now and have had so many skin cancers cut out. But, the scarring does not bother me and I don’t find the anti-rejection drugs themselves a problem.