BSSCII AGM 2018 Minutes

British Society for Skin Care In the Immunocompromised (BSSCII)
7th Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Board Members Present: Charlotte Proby (Chair), Helen Ramsay (Hon Secretary), Conal Perrett (Hon Treasurer), Tanya Basu (Haem-Onc), David Paige (HIV), Alex Chilvers (Marketing)

1. Apologies
Mary Wain, Chris Bunker, Ferina Ismail, Catherine Harwood, Abha Gulati

2. Minutes from 2017 AGM and Interim Board meetings
Minutes from the AGM 2017 and an Interim Board Meeting (by teleconference 7.12.17) were emailed to members prior to the meeting. Agreed as a true record.

3. President’s Report (Charlotte Proby)
Membership – 56 members, slight increase from last year; now administered by British Association of Dermatologists
Executive Officers – President Charlotte Proby; Hon Secretary Helen Ramsay; Hon Treasurer Conal Perrett
Board Members – David Paige (HIV), Catherine Harwood, Mary Wain (RTR), Ferina Ismail (RTR & website), Abha Gulati (Education), Tanya Basu (Haem Oncology), Alan Milligan(Nurse Specialist & website) , Liza Mitchell (Nurse Specialist), Alex Chilvers (Marketing). Associate Board Member – Chris Dudley (Transplant medicine). Patient Representative – Professor Roger Greenhalgh.
Annual Meeting – Our 6th annual meeting and AGM was held on July 4th 2017, Liverpool, with interactive contributions from 14 oral cases and 17 posters. Guest speaker, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Christian Baum from Mayo Clinic , Rochester, USA gave an excellent talk on ‘Continuing challenges in transplant dermatology: perspectives from the Mayo Clinic’.
Main New Activities – Information Governance (Conal Perrett on behalf of Peter Case-Upton). General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) privacy notices (on website). Educational Day (Abha Gulati) May 18th 2018. On line Discussion Forum: must give us an email address so that we can comply with Data Protection rules. Seems to be useful, but could be more widely used.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Conal Perrett)
Accounts Summary 1st April 2017- 31st March 2018
Current bank provider Co-Operative Bank
Bank balance 01.04.17 £3802.53
Membership subscriptions £860
BAD 2017 Speaker Honorarium £253.52
Website (maintenance, hosting, updates) £2461.19*
Bank balance 31.03.2018 £1924.42
*includes a repayment to Bill Philips
Projected Outgoings 2018-19
Opening balance £1924.42
Subscription income £920 ytd
Website £1224
Update meeting £1280 (net profit)
Bank balance 26.06.18 £1607.23
BSSCII Membership
Numbers Subscription revenue
2014: 60 £920
2015: 55 £900
2016: 49 £920
2017: 50 £860
2018: 56 £920 ytd

5. Election of Officers
Members were invited with more than 14 days notice to be proposed/seconded for election to the Executive Committee. The officers received two proposals:
• Dr Tanya Basu, London, proposed by Professor Proby and seconded by Prof. Catherine Harwood to be elected to Chair of the British Society for Skin Care in Immunosuppressed Individuals. Unanimously elected to Chair of BSSCII.
• Dr Fiona Child, proposed by Dr Tanya Basu and seconded by Prof. Charlotte Proby. Consultant Dermatologist with special interest in cutaneous lymphoma and GVHD. Unanimously elected to the Executive Committee.
Re-elections and retirements
• Charlotte Proby, Conal Perrett and Helen Ramsay all expressed their willingness to be re-elected to the Executive Committee. All duly re-elected.
• Dr Chris Dudley remains as an Associated Board Member to represent Transplant Medicine.
• Dr David Paige has retired from the Executive Committee.
Thanks were extended by Dr Basu on behalf of BSSCII to Prof Proby for all her hard work and dedication to BSCCII in her role as Chair.

6. Information Governance (Alex Chilvers)
The BSSCII IT Governance Subgroup was formed in December 2017 in response to the requirements for BSSCII to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulations
(GDPR) and comprises Alex Chilvers (SIRO), Conal Perret (Caldicott Guardian), Peter Case-Upton (IG Expert) and the BSSCII Chair. BSCCII are grateful to Peter Case-Upton for his ongoing advice, which is provide free of charge.
Main Activities:
• Information Governance Toolkit (Data Security and Protection Toolkit) submitted in time for NHS Digital deadline
• Information Governance policies created by IG Advisor (Peter Case-Upton)
• Review of third party provider(s) data protection: low risk
• All policies and procedures compliant with GDPR. Additional registers created to align with GDPR requirements
• Privacy notice issued and included on website
• Caldicott Guardian appointed (Dr Conal Perrett)
• Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO) appointed (Alexander Chilvers)
• Registration with the Information Commission renewed

7. BSSCII Website Update
• Gradual expansion with further patient information & clinical guidelines. Expansion is constrained financially.
• There is now a link to the BAD portal on the home page
• Website is compliant with the new general data protection requirements (GDPR) with the recent addition of our privacy policy – link found on the home page (Alex Chilvers)
• Update on the recent Education Day in News Section of website along with photograph of speakers (Abha Gulati)
• Research area to be updated with current and useful publications (Charlotte/Catherine)

8. Education Meeting Feedback (Abha Ghulati)
The first and highly successful BSSCII Educational event was held at BAD House on 18 May 2018. This was organised by Abha Gulati and Suchitra Chinthapalli. It was agreed that we would aim to hold a second event in 2019, date and venue to be decided. Suggested topics include biologics and systemic therapies, difficult inflammatory skin conditions, paediatric patients.

9. SCOPE, EADO, ITSCC and research opportunities
Prof Proby highlighted SCOPE, EADO and ITSCC. She encouraged members to consider attending the SCOPE Annual meetings. The ITSCC discussion forum is useful for guidance with challenging clinical cases. 14th EADO Congress will be in Barcelona 6-9th Nov 2018 and 15th EADO Congress in Paris April 24th-27th 2019. The Paris meeting will coordinate with a half day SCOPE meeting on Wednesday April 24th.

10. AOB
There was no other business