BSSCII AGM Minutes 2016

1. Members Present / Apologies

Present – Charlotte Proby (President); Catherine Harwood (Secretary) , Bill Philips (Treasurer), Helen Ramsay (Secretary Elect), Chris Bunker, Nilesh Morar, David Paige.

Apologies – Ferina Ismail, Mary Wain, Conal Perrett

Professor Proby welcomed Tania Basu to the meeting.

2. Thank you

Professor Proby extended thanks to the BAD and Morag Forbes (University of Dundee) for administrative support, to BSSCII Board and to Bill Phillips & Catherine Harwood who are stepping down as Treasurer & Secretary, respectively.

3. Minutes from 2015 AGM and Interim Board meetings

To be uploaded on website Action: CH

4. President’s Report (CP)

Membership is currently 53, a slight increase from last year. Executive Officers are Charlotte Proby (President); Catherine Harwood (Hon Secretary); WG (Bill) Phillips (Treasurer). Board Members are Chris Bunker, David Paige, Nilesh Morar (HIV), Helen Ramsay, John Lear (RTR), Ferina Ismail (RTR & website), Mary Wain (RTR), Chris Dudley (Transplant medicine), Alan Milligan (Nurse Specialist & website). The 4th Annual Meeting and AGM were held on July 9th 2015, Manchester included 12 oral cases, 21 posters and guest speaker Dr Kimme Hyrich who gave an insight on the Cutaneous Complications of Biologics. The main activities for the Society over the last year have been improvements to the website and increased used of the email discussion forum. We continue to foster collaborative research studies (see below).

5. Treasurer’s Report (WGP)

Balance 1.4.15 £ 2437.37
Membership Fees +£ 860.00
Website Development -£ 504.00
Balance 31.3.2016 £ 2782.53

Membership fee will remain at £20 per annum, collected by British Association of Dermatologists.

There is a need to secure further income going forward to pay for website.
To encourage new members. Consider seeking charitable donations. Action: Conal Perret

6. Election of Officers

Members were invited with more than 14 days’ notice to be proposed/seconded for election to the Executive Committee. The officers received two proposals.

Dr Abha Gulati, Consultant Dermatologist, Homerton Hospital NHS Trust, London. Consultant Dermatologist, previously academic Clinical Fellow with an interest in medical education including GP education. Proposed by Prof. Charlotte Proby and seconded by Prof. C. Harwood.

Dr Tania Basu, Consultant Dermatologist, King’s College Hospital , London Consultant Dermatologist, with an interest in Haemato-Oncology was proposed by Prof. Catherine Harwood and seconded by Prof. C. Proby and.
Drs Gulati and Basu were elected to the Executive Committee.

Treasurer: Dr Bill Phillips standing down as Treasurer. Dr Conal Perrett, Consultant Dermatologist, UCH NHS Trust, Consultant Dermatologist, large population of Lung transplant patients proposed by Prof. Charlotte Proby, seconded by Prof. C. Harwood and duly elected as Honorary Treasurer.

Secretary: Professor Catherine Harwood standing down as Secretary.
Dr Helen Ramsay, Consultant Dermatologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Consultant Dermatologist, with an interest in Transplant dermatology proposed by Prof. Catherine Harwood, seconded by Prof. C. Proby and duly elected as Honorary Secretary.

Chair/President: Professor Proby has been Chair/President for 5 years. There have not been any expressions of interest in taking on this role. Prof. Proby will be standing down as Chair following the next AGM July 2017 unless a new Chair/President can be found sooner. A plea was put out to actively consider who might be willing to take on the role in the future. Action: All

7. BSSCII Website Update and Discussion Forum (CP/FI)

Dr Ferina Ismail, Alan Milligan, Mary Wain and Abha Gulati have worked with a Technology MSc student at UCL with interest in health information to overhaul the existing website and made huge progress. Particular thanks were extended to Ferina Ismail for her work on this. The new redesigned website looks cleaner and more aesthetic. The landing page has significantly changed; the purpose of BSSCII is clearer to users; links with other websites including SCOPE and ITSCC are highlighted.

A Members only login area was considered, but will require additional IT support and is too expensive. Instead the members email discussion forum appears to be working well.

Hosting and maintenance £ 504 per year
Update/improvements £456 May 2016
1.5 hours of support per month £648 per year

Now moving to focus on the content particularly populating sections relevant to HIV and other non-transplant immunosuppressed patients. Volunteers were requested to develop information resources including leaflets / links under headings of HIV dermatology, Haem-Oncology and ‘other’ immunosuppressed groups, perhaps with the help of an enthusiastic trainee.
Action: FI / NM / TB / others

On line Discussion Forum
Email forum to facilitate group discussion established and hosted by Professor Proby. Seems to be useful and well received. Helen Ramsay agreed to explore alternative secure arrangement using NHS email.
Action: HMR

8. Potential/Future research opportunities

A multicenter study on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and melanoma risk (Rachel Fisher and Rubeta Matin) has secured ethics approval and has been expanded to include SCC risk.

Nicotinamide – feasibility of a UK-wide study on nicotinamide in transplant recipients debated

Paul Harden proposed a study examining genetic markers of predicting risk of SCC in patients who have had one SCC – Catherine Harwood will liaise to take forward Action: CH

9. AOB

10. Date of next meeting

6th Annual Meeting and AGM – provisionally 4th July 2017 (tbc)