Minutes of Meeting 11th Feb 2011

Minutes of BSCCII Board Meeting,

11th February 9.30-11.30am,

BAD House


1. Introductions / members present

Alison Hepplewhite

Bill Phillips

Helen Ramsay

Catherine Harwood

Charlotte Proby



2. Membership etc

Membership to be increased to £20 per year – ? to be collected by BAD

ACTION POINT: CH to ask re possibility of BAD collecting membership fee.


Should we be a registered charity?

ACTION POINT: BP to be to take on treasurer role and research this


3. IT

BP raised the importance of having a web-based platform for facilitating collaboration, e.g.on drawing up PIS, pathways etc. One possibility is   ‘One-note’  – an online editorial system

ACTION POINT: BP to coordinate – will ask BAD if they have an IT lead; to look into costs of platform like One-note.


CP: has approached one of her secretarial colleagues in Dundee to provide  administrative  support – Jayne McFarlane

ACTION POINT: CP –to circulate email list of board members


4. Baseline screening

Discussion on importance of this – agreed that all patients should be screened within 6-12 months of transplantation.

AH agreed appropriate for nurses to do baselines assessment– could liaise with transplant nurses – need to specify timing of such appointments – at least 30 mins per patient.


BSSCII RECOMMENDATION no 1: Need for baseline assessment – at least by nurse if appropriate – possibly in transplant clinics – within a (6-12 months). Stratify for risk at that point.


CP raised issue of whether we should aim for a BSSCII page on skin problems post-transplant in all  pre-transplant booklets

ACTION POINT: HR to update info on BAD pre-transplant info leaflet


BP – highlighted the importance of ensuring everyone who is in the system is seen, i.e. getting rid of variance – needs to be managed carefully– ensure algorithm followed. Discussion on how best to ensure this. Information should be provided when on transplant waiting list. In terms of ensuing patients are seen for baselines assessment and education post-tx ? need for a database nationally – HR suggested that this could possibly be organised through UK transplant registry – linked into regional dermatology centrea.

ACTION POINT: HR to research this as a possibility.


Other early post-transplant skin problems – HR mentioned that she has developed management protocols for acne, pityriasis versiolor, fungal infections etc –

ACTION POINT: HR  to circulate these protocols – aim to customise and adopt as BSCCII guidelines


5. Rapid access and risk specific pathways

CP – point of baseline assessment is to empower pt – education – risk assess at baseline.

CH = this information could possibly reinforced at subsequent transplant clinics rather than bringing all patients back to skin clinic (we may need to provide appropriate patient material for this)

Once skin lesions develop – must be seen in dermatology clinic.


HR: suggested that Hotline answer-phone are a good means of ensuring rapid access– nurse specialists man this in her centre- patients could be provided with a  business card for pt with info on hotline


BSCCII RECOMMENDATION no 2:  that each institution has a designated route for rapid access – e.g. phone hotline –etc



6. Baseline nurse assessment and discussions around a BSCCII nursing subgroup

BSCCII should develop algorithms for assessment and follow-up – tick list for assessment at baselines (by nurses).

ACTION POINTS: Alison to coordinate check list for nursing assessment and to mailshot the BDNG to ask if other nurses have information etc


HR- to ask one of her 3 nurses to join BSCCII

CH – to ask Liza Mitchell from BLT to join

CB/DP – HIV nurses may with to be involved


AH: Idea of BSCCII nursing group

ACTION POINT: AH to coordinate.



7. Post-baseline management algorithm

Ideally need to devise a BSCCII risk algorithm for follow-up

ACTION POINT: CH to circulate BLT algorithm for modification into BSCCII algorithm

CP: probably best to keep it simple and divide into low, moderate and high risk


7. Paediatric transplant skin clinic

We have not yet thought about paediatric transplant needs within BSCCII

ACTION POINT: HR to ask Celia MOSS; CP to ask Debra Popplewell; CH to ask DP


8. SpR representative

Discussion on whether we need a rep

ACTION : CP to encourage – but we need to check on process. CP to check with referees in Cambridge.


9. Teleconferencing

General agreement that best times for everyone were Tues/Thurs 8AM

ACTION POINT: CP to set up facility in Dundee and Doodle

HR to Check on Skype option


10. Meetings

At BAD – 5th-7th July – members to check diaries over next few weeks and decide upon a suitable date to met during the BAD.


11. HIV

information sent through by Chris Bunker was circulated.

Need to meet with CB and DP on 17th March after RSM to start drawing up similar guidelines protocols etc for HIV, where appropriate


12. Date of next meeting

17th March at RSM

Probably a teleconference after this to consolidate progress