Update for BAD AGM 2011

British Society for Skin Care in Immunosuppressed Individuals (BSSCII)

Update May 2011


The British Society for Skin Care in Immunosuppressed Individuals (BSSCII) is a new society that was approved for affiliation with the British Association of Dermatologists in July 2010.


The BSSCII “mission” is to promote improved patient management and medical and scientific research that is relevant for skin diseases in immunocompromised individuals including organ transplant recipients, those on long-term immunosuppressive medications, haematological conditions and HIV infection.


The BSSCII Committee currently comprises:

President              Dr Charlotte Proby (Dundee)

President Elect    Dr John Lear (Manchester)

Secretary              Dr Catherine Harwood (London)

Treasurer                        Dr William Phillips (Bath)

Board Member    Dr Helen Ramsay (Sheffield)

Board Member    Professor Chris Bunker (London)

This is a founder committee to oversee the establishment of BSSCII and all Executive members of the current Committee must be formally elected or re-elected by the Society before March 2013.


We have held an inaugural meeting of the Board on 11th February 2011 and our objectives for 2011-2012 are:

  • To publicise the Society, its aims and objectives
  • To recruit a membership of 50-100 and to identify and attract dermatologists with a clinical interest in HIV-related dermatology.
  • To gather data on the current skin care practices provided to immunosuppressed patients
  • To promote sharing of best practice with other dermatologists and relevant health care professionals including specialist nurses
  • To plan an educational meeting on Skin Care in Immunocompromised Individuals for 2012


We have established Charity status for BSSCII and are putting other fiscal arrangements in place.  We plan a brief survey (using Survey Monkey) to identify clinicians involved with care of immunosuppressed individuals including clinicians with an interest in HIV.  Please all take part in this survey thereby helping us to network efficiently around all regions of the UK.


We are actively recruiting members and ask all interested parties to contact Jayne McFarlane at the University of Dundee.  Membership is very modest and will be collected by direct debit (preferably).  Contact details are:

Email:        J.Z.Mcfarlane@dundee.ac.uk

Tel:            01382 425618

Fax:           01382 740359