BSSCII Section of British Association of Dermatologists
100th Annual Meeting  – VIRTUAL

Launch Date 1st September 2020 (access for 3 months)

Covid-19/New Coronavirus:

​Dermatology advice regarding immunosuppressed patients from British Association of Dermatologists

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Public Health England Guidance for Immunosuppressed Individuals

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BSSCII Update on Skin Diseases in Immunocompromised Patients

This meeting has been postponed to 2021,
further details to follow in due course.

BSSCII’s purpose is to promote improved patient management and medical and scientific research that is relevant for skin diseases in immunocompromised individuals including organ transplant recipients, those on long term immunosuppresive medications, haematological conditions and HIV infection.


Membership is open to all medically and scientifically qualified individuals with an interest in skin disease in immunocompromised individuals. Click here to find out more.


This website enables professionals and patients to collaborate in order to improve services. If there is any material you think the membership would find useful and you would like to share, please use the Contact Page to get in touch.

Patient Information

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