Membership of BSSCII


Membership is open to all medically and scientifically qualified individuals with an interest in skin disease in immunocompromised individuals, upon application to, and approval by, the Society and Committee.

  • Ordinary Membership is available to any Consultant on the Specialist Register of the GMC and any Associate Specialist in Dermatology, or a Nurse Practioner with appropriate training in Dermatology, or Transplant Medicine, or HIV-associated medicine.
  • Trainee Membership is available to any Trainee Dermatologist holding a National Training Number
  • Associate Membership is available to interested Medical Pratcioners whose work is related to the Skin Care In Immunocompromised Individuals. Associate Members must submit a CV and be proposed by two Ordinary Members from personal knowledge.


Membership Benefits

  • Access for BSSCII members to become part of the ITSCC list serv – This is an invaluable resource where clinicians involved in the dermatological care of transplant patients ask for help/advice from colleagues and/or discuss challenging or interesting cases
  • Reduced registration fees to attend BSSCII affiliated clinical meetings



Members, Trainee Members and Associate Members shall pay an annual subscription, due on the 1st of February of £20.00. Any increase will first be ratified at an AGM.


Access the BAD portal to log in or register: