Dr Sinha


Dr Sinha is currently an appointed Consultant at St John’s Institute of Dermatology, working at both Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital and Lewisham University Hospital. Having completed a post-CCT Fellowship in skin cancer at the prestigious St John’s Institute of Dermatology, she works in several dedicated tertiary skin cancer clinics such as the Low Risk Melanoma, Mole surveillance clinic, High Risk Melanoma and Transplant Surveillance clinics. She has participated in rolling out a Teledermatology Service across the South-East London region and is currently both the Skin Cancer Lead at University Hospital Lewisham and the Co-Clinical Lead for Dermatology in the South East London Dermatology Network. Finally, Dr Sinha is Honorary Secretary for BSSCII, allowing her to promote improved patient management and medical and scientific research that is relevant for skin diseases in immunocompromised individuals including organ transplant recipients, those on long term immunosuppressive medications, haematological conditions and HIV infection, as well as addressing skin toxicities related to cancer treatments.