The MyMelanoma project is a large cohort study which aims to recruit at least 20,000 participants who have been treated by the NHS for melanoma of the skin and other body sites (excluding the eye). A study of great size is required to generate enough data to answer the current most important questions around the causes of melanoma, the factors governing outcomes for affected people, the effect of diagnosis and treatment on quality of life and the risk and nature of drug side effects in the short and long term. It is a key aim also that MyMelanoma data will help develop tests to better predict melanoma recurrence and response to treatment.

MyMelanoma is an online study and should not require input from medical staff. Please direct your patients to complete the consent, registration and data capture surveys by following: These can be done at the patient’s home, you do not need to be present.

Patients can be made aware of MyMelanoma via any channels already used as part of diagnosis, treatment or monitoring/follow-up. You do not need to wait for the patient to be in clinic to make them aware of the study.